Sunday, May 03, 2009

Exposition, really

I came home to work here Friday afternoon, because I needed some quiet solitude for the presentation I was finishing up. Perhaps it's because of those extra hours home that this weekend felt like a proper break, but whatever the cause, I'm glad.

Friday night we held a "Swine Flu Inoculation" party, not my idea but that of a clever guest. I cleaned out my frig and pantry to furnish snacks, and we drank several versions of the inoculation, and laughed at Texts From Last Night, while the children watched HP2. You know it's a good night when several of you refresh your drinks and set off to walk the 1/2 mile around the block...twice.

Saturday we made the rounds of the Farmer's Market, Whole Earth for new summer shoes for Hazel, and then home for the day. Jesse whipped together a wonderful Vietnamese Banh - cold noodles, savoy cabbage, julienned carrots and cucumber and perfectly grilled port tenderloin - and we invited a friend over to savor it with us. Turns out Vietnamese food goes perfectly with XX Lager.

Today we read the papers, I finally got my pancakes, and I headed downtown to the fountain at Butler Park with the neighborhood gang of girls while Jesse went grocery shopping. It was a perfect day for it - sunny and warm, but with a slightly cool breeze. The girls brought scooters and wore swimsuits so they could ride up and down the hill - it has a fabulous paved path which winds around and around it - and then cool off in the sprays of water below. Home again, they all took off down the street where a slip-n-slide awaited them, and I stayed home to prep for dinner and finish my book(s).

Dinner: pizza with the greens again - so good, when faced with a full frig of greens we knew what we wanted right away, this time with feta.

Book(s): The Language of Bees, Laurie King's newest. I"m sorry I finished it already, as I knew I would be. I'd also started Case Histories, by Kate Atkins, earlier this week, so I finished it off as well - it ends almost as unsatisfactorily as King's, but at least I don't have to wait a YEAR for the conclusion. Which isn't to say that I don't recommend them both wholeheartedly because I DO.

Also, we sold one of those bikes, because I also posted the ad on Facebook and some friends from school who also have two daughters called to snatch them up. They only took Hazel's - Hannah's was the same size as the one they had also outgrown - but I was happy to see it go to people we know. Hurrah for social networks, say I.

[And literally, just as I was typing this, Jenn, your FB note came through - see my response, fingers crossed!]

We've made a habit recently of watching Nature on Sunday nights with the girls, and tonight's episode was a great one - Sea Eagles on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. There were also otters - Hannah's current obsession - and whales and dolphins - Hazel's perennial obsessions- so it was perfect.

Now we've watched Friday's Dollhouse episode - WOW - and most of the laundry is put away. But I blogged, so that's got to be worth something, right?

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phd in yogurtry said...

Shoulda had my innoculation shots, I guess : (