Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Day, Moms

What a weekend!

We kicked it off Friday night at our gym, which has a huge outdoor swimming pool with water slides, ad which was hosting a family pool party. They supplied free, edible food and we supplied excited children. The Krispy family came down to join us, and then the men drove the children to their respective homes while Kris and I hopped it over to a neighborhood Patron Party. You should be grateful that I have no pictures of bad karaoke or worse, recordings.

Saturday, after Moki and I went to the farmer's market, Jesse and I took the girls to Zilker park, to volunteer for this. We sifted soil for an hour in the sun, me channeling my inner Amelia Peabody, Hazel wishing we'd thought ahead and brought our swimsuits so we could visit the Springs afterwards, Hannah hoping for a Find, and Jesse patiently sifting. We did find a few flakes, from arrowheads, so Hannah was mollified.

After we got home, the girls ran down the street to swim, and I prepped a Rhubarb Tart (from this month's Gourmet) for dinner with the Krispys. Dinner there was as pleasant as always, even though Smith still cheats at cards.*

Today the girls woke me up with a latte,** both papers, and their very sweet selves. I just read a post by Finslippy's sister Liz, and she captured this stage of life very well. The girls have been planning their campaign all week, and making gifts for me at school (beaded necklaces), and were just genuinely excited about the holiday. Jesse got me the Bialetti coffeemaker I've wanted for ages, because that's how wonderful he is.

After we ate our breakfast - waffles, fresh strawberries and hand-whipped cream, and bacon, of course - we lounged for what seems like 5 minutes, and then started to get ready for Ballet Austin's Cinderella. I subscribed months ago, and could happily have stayed home, but while it made for a busy weekend, the girls enjoyed it, and it was nicely done. Also, it gave us an excuse to pose for a cheesy family portrait.

Also, being out and about gave us a good excuse to eat at The Clay Pit, to which suggestion both of the girls made sounds of disgust originally, but by the end of the meal were proclaiming their love for all food Indian. The Clay Pit will do that to you. Also, we apparently were there at the same time as Mags, only since we got to eat in the crypt-like basement, I didn't see her.***

A pretty great weekend, I'd say.


* OK, so maybe he doesn't cheat, but what other explanation is there for the fact that he always wins???

** I didn't get to drink much of that latte, since Moki brought her nasty tennis ball to me, begging me to throw it for her, and dropped it in my cup.

*** The girls have long wanted to go down those stairs, and have always assumed that it was the actual "clay pit" for which the restaurant was named. They really enjoyed eating down there!


phd in yogurtry said...

I need to steal that latte-laced-with-tennis-ball picture for my blog.

Krispy said...

they let you eat down there? I always wondered what was down there. so secretive...

thanks for a good weekend. sorry I was so lumpy during the singing. the neighbor sitting next to me can attest to the fact that I was singing right along with ya'll, just not standing up and into the microphone.

I discovered leftover tart in my fridge today! jackpot!