Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not my favorite woodland creature

Lately we've had some fat, juicy toads on our patio, and I've been surprised that Moki hasn't noticed them. They come out at dusk, and hop across the cement in search of moisture, I suppose, and she runs right past them.

When I called her inside just now, I must have peripherally seen this dark object, and assumed it was a toad, at first. But it caught my eye, and it was NOT a toad. No, no it wasn't:

And for scale:
We're wondering if it's the same one we found in our hallway and released, several years ago?


Vetmommy said...

They are awesome and creepy. I'm afraid way too many people kill them just because of that.

Lisa said...

That is a nightmare, breathing.

Agent X said...

Yeah...i would have killed it.

loop dilu said...

Oh yes, I recall that spider being an only child.