Friday, May 22, 2009

shave & a haircut

shave & a haircut
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We're headed out of town this afternoon, us and our little dog too.

I say little, because Moki got a clip for the summer and she's about a quarter the dog she used to be! I cautioned the girls not to laugh at her and hurt her feelings, but Hannah did almost cry. All night she kept saying, "She still remembers her toys!" as if Moki had been away for a prolonged trip.

Moki is happy to be cool and free of mats and burrs, but she does look pretty goofy. Good thing we already like her so much...

Have a great holiday - see you on the other side!


peevish said...

Poor Moki. Couldn't you have made a doggie sweater out of her hair?

Where ya'll at? The lake house?

blackbird said...

Now I have SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT, TWO BITS stuck in my head!
Hope you had fun.

peevish said...