Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well, Hello

While my feelings of relief may pale beside Jesse's - he wrapped up another school year with a lovely commencement ceremony last night - I'm still very glad the last week of school, and indeed the entire month of May, is over. As I contemplate making my menu and shopping list this morning, I realize it's been weeks since we had a quiet weekend and week ahead of us - ah, the bliss!

Not that I haven't enjoyed May - I have, I always do, it's my birthday month and I'm very fond of it for that and many reasons. But it's truly worn me out this year, and I welcome June with open arms and plenty of sunscreen.

We had a terrific trip to the Lakehouse last weekend. Located in Southeast Texas, i.e. the Tropic of Humid, it rained every afternoon - and a proper rain, too, not a weak shower. It really is a perfect idyll - the mornings are cool(ish), we can take our coffee outside and admire the natural beauty surrounding us, the children and the dog can frolic on the lawn and, as the day heats up, in the canoe on the lake (children) or in the water (dog).

(I know this isn't the best picture of Jesse, but I love the contrast of his expression vs. the dog's)

We eat a leisurely lunch (or in my case, extended snack), the children head back outdoors, and as the thunderstorms roll in, we retreat indoors and play Scrabble, or card games, or watch illicit TV (the Disney channel - the horror!). I think that's exactly how holiday weekends with your family should be, in my opinion.

On the way home, we opted for a scenic route, one not taken before. As we meandered through Texas for five hours, we stopped and bought lottery tickets (we doubled our $4 investment!) and road food (Fig Newtons, for me) and enjoyed the scenery. Our meandering drive cemented a notion I'd been forming to take a proper roadtrip this summer, and combine it with the girls' desire to camp, and we're now contemplating a 10-day trip Out West to visit friends and take in The Sites. If you have any camping suggestions for Colorado, New Mexico or West Texas, please share them!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we've played in our Violin Recital, enjoyed a night out to see Wait, Wait, attended the end-of-year class Pool Party, and we're now ready to welcome summer vacation with open arms.

Hello, Summer!


Agent X said...

LOVE the pic of Jesse and Moki. I think that same expression crossed his face during the Superbowl. Also really enjoyed Moki jumping off whatever she jumped off!

Juddie said...

Oh my! Such lovely photos! I particularly like Moki and raindrop pics ....