Thursday, June 11, 2009


A big thunderstorm has been making its way south and east through Austin tonight. Jesse was off playing tennis, and once I noted the green nature of the twilight, I turned on the weather. The girls were enjoying a long bath (safest place to be during that tornado warning, right?). Once they got out, they snuggled up next to me, so I turned off the weather, opened the sliding glass doors so we could hear the storm, and turned an episode of The Blue Planet. We all enjoyed the rain, and Jesse checked in occasionally to give me his status. The only downside was the unwitting synchronization between the show (Dramatic Music, an Animal in Danger!) and the weather (Lightening! Thunder! Boom!).

Mr. Weather is telling me that this rain will do nothing to abate our drought, but I'm glad for it nonetheless.

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phd in yogurtry said...

I was playing storm runner, driving down I-35. The rain didn't catch me until I hit 290W. Gave my car a good bath. Narrowly missed the hail.