Monday, June 22, 2009

Road Trip!

Ah, summertime. The girls are in bed, the dog is chewing her bone, the fan is blowing, and Jesse and I are each sitting with a computer in our laps.

It's been warmish since we got home from our road trip, and I've been enjoying it - even though I'm stuck with the non-air-conditioned car over the summer. Nothing compares to that completely saturating heat we have here, especially when you walk out of an over-air-conditioned building. However, it does mean that my veggies are virtually done, and makes me thankful again for the CSA basket we get every week.

We had a great trip - the girls were excellent travelers, and the dog lay down and went to sleep as soon as she got in the car, rising only occasionally to turn and get more comfortable. Lisa, Michael and the girls were excellent hosts, plying us with good food and s'mores from the moment we arrived. We enjoyed three jam-packed days with them in Colorado, then headed out for another three days on the road, stopping to camp in Santa Fe and Balmorhea. We put 2700 miles on our car, and several hundred pictures on our camera. Also, we listened to so much Harry Potter that my dreams are now narrated by Jim Dale.

I put a few of those pictures on Flickr - stop by and check them out.

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