Friday, July 10, 2009

Free! Fun! Blues!

Austin is full of fun & free activities, and I never feel I take advantage of them as I ought. I generally know about them, but somehow staying home after a week at the office wins out more often then not. Yes, I am lazy.

I'm a total homebody, and we were out of town for almost a week around the 4th, and then we got home late on Sunday and it then was so hot...it was a pretty miserable week. Throw in an intense work project that culminated on Wednesday, and you might be able to see why I was made of jelly all week. Melted jelly. Juice?

At any rate, it got better after Wednesday, and last night I was mostly sane, and today I felt GREAT. So great that I decided to take advantage of one of those fun Austin events.

It was hot - we topped 100 degrees for the 23rd time this summer - but the plaza is on the east side of the building, huge swamp fans were blowing, and we could pop into the lobby whenever we wanted. We picked up our free Harmonicas - actual Hohners, not plastic toys - as well as a couple of booklets of songs and instructions. The instructor was entertaining and an amazing player, and we learned the major scale, train whistles, the wah-wah, and several other fun party tricks.

One child was not pleased that she wasn't immediately able to master her new instrument, so she and I went in to check out one of the exhibits for awhile. When we hooked back up with our family, we got in line for the BBQ, while the girls moaned, "I hate barbecue" and "I can't eat that yellow stuff (potato salad)." I don't know about you, but that's always my favorite part of the day, when the children are starving, and nothing looks good to them. Once we got our food, the girls inhaled it, and the one who hates barbecue asked for seconds.

After we ate our free -FREE! - ice cream, we went back in and toured the museum - Jesse and the girls have been there several times, but I'd never made it. It's a really nice museum; I didn't live in Texas for Texas History (7th grade?), so much of it was new to me.

We went back out and watched the end of the set, while one child begged to go home. Poor thing, forced to hear live music. I wanted to stay for Miss Lavelle, but we finally gave in to the sleepy demands of our children, and brought them home to bed.

Now I'm drinking a Mint Julep - how does anyone finish these things? I didn't even make it as strong as it called for - and Jesse is watching those Weeds episodes I devoured earlier in the week. I'm so freakin' glad it's the weekend.


peevish said...

Honestly, I regularly cut in half the alcohol in drink recipes. I can't take the strong ones at all. Plus, doesn't that drink have Bourbon? Gah! No way. I"ll stick to my Pimm's & Campari & St~Germain.

Barbeque sounds good, though.

Krispy said...

and JUST TODAY I was asking myself how many days in a row we'd hit 100 or more. and there you have it. you are austin information. and I love you for it.