Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bleak House

Earlier in the summer, Hannah auditioned for and was accepted into a children's choir, something she's had her sights on for several years and was finally old enough to attempt. Now that school has started, weekly rehearsals have begun as well. They are preparing for a Winter Recital, so she's come home with sheet music for Rosetti's Midwinter, Faure's Cantique de Jean Racine, and Poe's The Bells, among others. Since rehearsals are two hours long, I don't stick around, but I make it a point to get there early to pick her up, sneaking into the sanctuary to hear the children sing; their combined voices are incredibly beautiful.

The weather here has been so insanely hot - 67 days so far this year with triple-digit temperatures, starting in April - and all the other days in the high 90's, as Badger pointed out. For the last few days, however, the heat has abated ever-so-slightly, and yet it's very noticeable to those of us held captive to it. I've been able to get out and walk around my street, and as I did so on Saturday, I saw neighbors I hadn't seen in months. Some were watering plants (we can only do so with a sprinkler one day a week, now), some were out on their own walks, and children were playing basketball in their drives.

It occurred to me that we're nearing the end of our own bleak midwinter, during which we have sequestered ourselves in our houses, huddled in front of fans and in the air conditioning, while the outdoors was completely inhospitable to life. The grass is dead, innumerable plants are dead or dying, and many trees are barely surviving. Summer in this part of Texas is often compared to winter for that reason - it's difficult to nurse any crops to harvest, and people just stay inside for months.

School is back in session, football is on my TV right this very moment, and Badger's putting out her Autumn candles -- yes, fall is on the way. I'm already looking forward to winter.

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mr man said...

Congratulations, Hannah, for the choir gig. That should be fun. You should talk to Jen&Anth: they'll get out their chanticles and show you how much fun you'll have.

We'll set up some boxes and do a rain dance. Everyone has commented all season what an odd, cool summer it's been here: fall has already started to arrive, and now everyone wonders if our winter will be as divergent from the norm.

Is Jim Spencer sympathetically wizening in the desert?