Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goings On

What a week we've had over here. Hannah started school on Monday - I'd post a picture, only I wasn't allowed to take one. Hazel and I have been home, but thanks to the addition of a friend of hers who also hasn't started yet, I've been able to work. Why the different start dates? Their school groups students into multi-aged groups, three years at a time, and the oldest children return first, then the second years a few days later, and finally the newbies come in last. It helps the class get settled before the new kids come in, so the teacher can focus on them while the rest of the class is already hard at work. And it makes the beginning of every school year a new puzzle in scheduling.

The girls made cookies on Monday, when two other friends were visiting as well, and set up shop at the end of the driveway. Unfortunately, business was slow, it being a weekday, and they only made $3 from one generous customer. Somehow, both batches of cookies disappeared anyway.

Yesterday, the girls pooled their money, and we trolled Craigslist for their must-have item, a used digital camera. Since they are sharing the camera, they came up with several rules governing its ownership:

  1. Each girls gets it for a week at a time, starting Wednesdays.
  2. If one of them is going on vacation, she can take it. If both girls go on vacation at the same time, the one with the coolest destination gets it (according to them, caves trump the Grand Canyon).
  3. If it gets stolen or broken..."It won't, that's why it has a strap."
We found one in their budget, and picked it up last night, and they've been busy taking pictures of our new kitten all day.

Because YES, we also got a cat off Craigslist. O Craig, how I love thee.

She met all of our criteria - young (12 weeks or so), female, and a combination of a grey tabby (Jesse's wish) and a tortoiseshell/calico (mine). We haven't settled on a name yet, but due to the fact that every girl around is reading the Warrior series, they've suggested "Sandstorm," since the description in the book evidently matches our girl's markings. They're also calling her "Kittypet" and "Puss-Puss," so who knows where it will end up.

Puss-Puss - that's a winner, right?

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Jesse said...

I vote for "Mamie".