Friday, August 07, 2009

I'm alive (but just barely)

This week has seen the beginnings of the return to routine for which I long. In echo of Jennifer's words - I love it when school gets out, and I love it when school starts back again. It's been so damn hot here - what are we at, 47 days of triple digit heat so far this year? - that I've lost the will to cook, the will to blog, even the will to read blogs. Last night, in a desperate attempt to trick myself, I made a cup of tea, got out a delicious (gluten-free!) chocolate cake, and turned on a Miss Marple Mystery, that's how dearly I"m wishing for winter. Or even just a daily high of 85.

Hannah has been attending a kick-off camp for three days for the youth choir to which she was accepted earlier this summer, and Hazel has been a camp at the Children's Museum. Yesterday, I arrived about 10 minutes early to retrieve Hannah, and so got to sit in the sanctuary and listen to the group sing. There are about 60 kids, broken into two singing groups, but they sing together for part of each rehearsal. According to the e-mail I received afterward, here is what I heard: "The choirs also had a beautiful moment with the Cantique de Jean Racine, creating a very well shaped crescendo and phrase." Whatever it was, it was beautiful - I got goosebumps. I'm so happy Hannah gets to be a part of this - she's always loved beautiful music.

Last week we had Hazel's birthday party - she is officially 7 now. She designed and decorated her own amazing Rainforest cake, which I'm going to show you, but it deserves a post of its own, not least because I'll be entering it in the Village Fete.

Hm, the radio voice just informed me that it's 10 minutes past 7 AM, also known as 20 minutes before I should be leaving. Shower, breakfast, wake & feed children...that seems like a lot to do in 20 minutes, doesn't it?


peevish said...


Also, come visit me. Our high today is 76 degrees. Later in the week we are forecast to hit a blazing-hot (for us) 90 degrees.

phd in yogurtry said...

I completely agree. Love the start of summer but love the end of summer better. I told the kids a few days ago, we are officially more than halfway through the hot season. Two months down (June, July) and now 1.5 months to go. It's been oppressive, hasn't it?