Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's Rosh Hashana, which means that this mixed-marriage family is getting ready to celebrate with the appropriate foodstuffs, albeit a day after everyone else has done so. We had a party to attend tonight, and plans to take advantage of Austin Museum Day tomorrow (all local museums have free admission, & fun events), so we knew we had to celebrate Sunday and that we needed to prepare in advance as much as possible.

Tomorrow morning we'll head down to Zilker Park, have our belated yet heartfelt* Tashlich at the river, and then visit the Umlauf to wander through the trails and try our hands at clay sculpture. Then we'll head home to meet friends and family and enjoy the foods of the season:
  • Cholent - mine is with Fredricksburg Grassfed Beef short ribs, chuck roast and marrow bones, fresh shelling beans, and pearled barley. I just put it in the oven where it will simmer all night long. (The girls came home on Friday having learned about traditional Rosh Hashana meals at school that day, and were relieved to hear that we would not be serving head, brains or tongue.)
  • Gefilte fish - those jarred ones are evocative for many people, but not having grown up with them, I don't love them the way some do. So I was happy to read today that in England, Gefilte fish is traditionally fried - fried fish is a dish I can get behind 100%. I made the fish, onion & matzoh mixture earlier today, and Jesse fried the duck egg-sized balls for me.
  • Duck Liver Crostini - we're lucky that the Countryside Farm folks offer such meats as duck, rabbit, feral hog, & pheasant. I went to Sebastian's booth first thing this morning, and was so excited he had the duck livers I needed for this spread. I used David Tanis' recipe from A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes...I love that book. I also love that duck liver.
  • Fresh greens from the market - arugula, spinach, and other mixed baby greens.
  • Orange Salad w/Dates - another Tanis recipe, this is actually sliced Valencia oranges, sprinkled with sugar & cinnamon, and then topped with pomegranate seeds, and served next to a bowl of dates. While he serves it as a desserts, I think I'll put it out early for the children to enjoy.
  • Apples & Honey - a must at Rosh Hashana, this year I'll serve them with walnuts and fresh chevre with local honey drizzled on top.
  • Honey Cake - another must-have, which my sister is making for us this year.
Oh, the foods of fall - I'm so excited to enter a new season and to be able to use the oven without worrying about how hot it will make the house. Shana Tova, ya'll!

* Hazel confided in me recently that she was going to need a lot of bread for tashlich! Apparently she's chock full of sins.


phd in yogurtry said...

With this cooler weather, it's a great time for a New Year celebration!

Ketiva ve-chatima tovah to the M-G house.

peevish said...

Mazel Tov! Can you send some duck livers up this way?