Monday, October 12, 2009

Odds and Ends

Every Monday I drop off Hannah at her choir rehearsal, and head to a coffee shop for two hours of solitude. Pretty blissful - me, a book, some coffee, my MacBook...unfortunately, those last two collided a week ago, and my poor 'puter had to go to the doctor for a few days. Luckily MacTronics in Austin ROCKS and soon put it back to rights. But those were some sad lonely days without it.

I couldn't go back to that fateful coffee shop today, so I went to "the other" one - there are really only two from which to choose - and today I have a sidekick, a knitting seven year old. I recognize a couple sitting next to me from a few weeks ago - I thought they were on a blind date, but they're really studying a foreign language together - Eastern European-sounding. He hates British accents, FYI.

The weather has turned here and is now hovering between fall and winter. Well, Austin's winter. Saturday it was fall, and Jesse fired up the chainsaw and took out lots of unwanted ligustrum from the woods behind out house. I wielded the loppers and dragged limbs out to the curb with him until we were beat - but we got a lot done. Good thing, because Sunday morning we woke up to rain and it didn't really slow down all day.

Saturday afternoon we decided to have some friends over for chili & the UT game. Jesse makes terrific cornbread, I'm fond of my chili, and we have that there TV, so...the party was on. The kids requested Mary Poppins (yes, a long movie!) and so they snuggled up in bed while we watched the game. [This is the the redacted part where I talk about how drunk Angela was.] Saturday was pretty great.

Sunday, however -- Sunday was perfect. Jesse made waffles, Hannah had a playdate, the neighbor girls all came for awhile, played peacefully, and then all left (just as their piano playing was beginning to annoy me), then Hazel knitted and listened to a book on tape while Hannah did some choir homework and then some craft projects. Jesse ran an errand, I did loads of laundry, drank cups of tea, and cleaned the house in preparation for his absence this week. It was chilly and gray and wet and I loved it. Can I have another?

Reality hit today, as it always does - Jesse left to go camping with his students, Hazel had a violin lesson, & Hannah, as mentioned, is at choir. We ate dinner at 4:30 and won't be home until 8:00. I ran home during lunch to wash the breakfast dishes, put out the trash, and buy dog food. A jam-packed day and not at all lazy.

I feel like I need a photo to wrap up this mundane post - so here's my nephew, a total charmer.


phd in yogurtry said...

Great way to alleviate aggressive impulses -- take a pair of loppers to the ligustrum!

peevish said...

How drunk WAS Angela? I like to hear about people other than ME being plastered. and

Uly looks so much like Moze! and

I hope this week isn't too hard without Jesse.

Sinda said...

So drink that she can't remember what she did or didn't say. But not so drunk that she couldn't go to the gym the next morning. Angela, care to add anything?

He's a much rounder and cheerier baby than Mose, I think - Bou?

So far, so good - we've been to school and work early every day. They missed him last night, though.

loop dilu said...

much rounder- check. cheerier- I think so. He sits in the middle of the room laughing hysterically- all alone.