Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What have you made lately?

I'm too crabby to post proper sentences or even more than a few words, but I do have some pictures to share.

How cute is this person?

This one is cute too, but I didn't make her.

This one scared Antonia, and quite rightly. Hide your children, lock up your wives, it's Giganto Squirrel!

I grew this - they bloom every year, in the spring and the fall, and I love them madly. It's also Hannah's birth-flower.

The coneflower is a new addition, but I love them too.

I grew the melon, pavonia and sage which comprise this creature, but Hannah made it all on her own. That girl has vision.

Know what I made all on my own? Shingles.


Vetmommy said...

Sorry to hear about the Shingles. I got it right after Anna was born (ala Dooce and Marlo).

Shingles is the single best reason to vaccinate our kids against chickenpox. Its a herpes virus, and that's forever.

Sinda said...

Oh Jenn, I"m sorry - how stressful to have to worry about a baby with this stuff!

Did you see the vaccine article I just posted on FB? I'm with you - we all need to vaccinate for the common good, as well as for our own welfare.

peevish said...

These photos are fantastic! (remember when that was a cleaning spray?)

I'm very sorry to hear about the shingles. That has got to suck. Are you better now? Hope so. xo

Sinda said...


Well, it's not gone yet, and won't be for a bit, but it doesn't seem to be getting worse. So there's THAT. I don't really recommend them, though.