Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bright Idea

"I know," she said brightly, "let's do a dinner post!"

With the heat of summer behind us, and a spectacular fall growing season, I've been interested in eating good food again. I didn't make it to the farmers' market today, but I did sign up for Farmhouse Delivery, and our first batch will come this week. I'm excited to try their model - you pay by the week, rather than up front, although you do commit to 10 weeks at a time. Plus, they deliver - no more forgetting to pick up the basket!

Today was foggy and rainy, very rainly, so Nigel's Pork w/Pears seemed just the ticket. It was a super-easy way to cook the main dish, and we followed his serving suggestions and had mashed potatoes and red cabbage alongside. The kids hated it, Jesse hated the cooked pear, and I loved it. C'est la vie.

Tomorrow is our funky day, when Hannah has choir, and it's going to be extra funky due to VIPs visiting at the office. Jesse will make Leek & Potato soup with a Romaine salad, and Hannah and I will eat out.

Then, Tuesday is a tennis night for Jesse, and I'll sautee salmon fillets with brown rice and broccoli for the rest of us.

Wednesday night we go see Regina - yay us! - so we'll make spaghetti and green beans for the girls and their sitter, it's always a crowd pleaser.

Thursday, we'll have these stuffed bell peppers, and I can't wait.

And Friday, something easy and satisfying - this Japanese Curry sounds just the ticket.

Also on the books for this week: a parent-teacher conference, a haircut, and getting Mimsy and Bo fixed. It's non-stop fun over here.


phd in yogurtry said...

Potato soup, now that sounds like a winner (10 lb bag of potatoes waiting for a destination).

And is Bo short for Bocephus, as my husband guessed?

My mom used to make stuffed bell peppers. Sadly, noone would eat the peppers but me. It might be worth it. I just made Spanish rice tonight, too.

Badger said...

Ooo! Would love to know what you think of Farmhouse Delivery. I am intrigued. Does this mean you're no longer doing the JBG CSA?