Sunday, November 01, 2009

Day the First. Maybe.

So apparently, there are rules to this NaBloPoMo thing, and writing here every day is one of them. Well, the only one. Hm. I don't do well with rules and I don't usually write here every day...and yet I sign up, at the last minute, every year. Goofy, much?

Here's what I know, today:
  • The weather is beautiful - I mean, PERFECT in every way - and is set to remain so for the foreseeable future. Clear, dry, warm during the day and cool at night.
  • It's possible that I have both a fire going and the windows open.
  • So sue me.
  • Halloween was fun. The girls both loved their costumes.

  • I dressed up too. Can you tell who I am?
  • We have a new dog. Yes, another one. Shut up, he's actually made the first dog much happier and even given the kitten more freedom. So it's all good. And we're DONE.

  • His name is Bocephus, but we call him Bo.
  • Or BoBo.
  • We did not name him.
  • But it's too late to change it, so Bo he is. Or BoBo.
  • He found two baby bunnies yesterday. One didn't make it , but we're waiting on the Wildlife Rescue chick to call us back about the other one.
  • Baby bunnies are cuuute!
  • Sorry, no pictures - it seemed cruel. Maybe later.


Scriber's Web said...

Welcome to the Nablo Austin group! Love the weather in Austin right now! So rare to have such gorgeous days:)

peevish said...

Angela, right?

So you're doing BloMe? Wow.
I can't even post twice a month lately.

Antonia said...

Hello, Bo! Congratulations on picking the best family to live with.

Ian has decided he wants a pack of three dogs. They will be called Bongo, Grumble and Smut, all euphemisms for pornography and splendid pet names. Not for a long while, though. Over the cat's dead body.

Please tickle Bo behind the ears for me. Thank you!

Sinda said...

Thanks, Scriber!

Lisa, come one, play with us.

Antonia, I can just see Ian roaming the streets of London with his pack of pornographic dogs, trailing the dead cat behind them. Ew.