Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I had a dog named Bullet once

  • I worked at home today.
  • Partly, because I had to take the dog and kitty to the vet to be neutered
  • And also, because it's been a crazy week
  • even though it's only Wednesday, I know, SHUT IT
  • But my day was still stressful.
  • I'm out of coffee.
  • The dog got out of the car AT SCHOOL
  • Luckily, it's a small school
  • So someone could move my still-running car for me while I chased the dog
  • And luckily, he came...eventually.
  • I didn't eat lunch until 1:30
  • That's late for me
  • I was BUSY
  • Work, work, work
  • Then I had to run to get the dog and the kitty
  • They were great
  • Still are
  • Then, I came home and worked a little more
  • So we left for Regina a little late.
  • Yes, Regina! I know!
  • But we still had time for cocktails and snack at Annie's
  • Maybe several cocktails
  • Jesse was driving
  • Blood & Sands and a Sazerac, if you're curious.
  • YUM
  • Regina was awesome
  • Even though it was hard to see
  • Because she's so leetle
  • And cute!
  • But still a great singer.
  • Look! It's not midnight yet.

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peevish said...

1. sorry i'm late. i like this post alot. nice format for you, it really works.

2. i hate the share button. it always opens up when i don't want it to, then it takes so long to close and it blocks me from getting to what i want. ick.