Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little Grey Different

Hannah and I went to the opera this weekend, to Austin Lyric Opera's presentation of La Boheme. Some of her choir colleagues were performing in it, and she was eager to see them.

Because she is my daughter, she decided at the last minute that she had nothing to wear. So off we went to the mall, where she chose a lovely holiday dress. Because I am me, I found something I liked as well.

I tried to find it online so I could show it to you, but apparently, it exists only at my local Nordstrom's and in my closet. Therefore, may I present to you, my new grey sweater-y dress?

It's all grey, and soft, with a little stretchy smocking stuff at the bodice. Ha, I said bodice. And it's a turtleneck.

If I'd drawn this with a pencil it would only be marginally better. My hands, I think, would be better, but that's it.

The opera was great, and Hannah loved every minute of it.


peevish said...

OMG, it looks just like you if you were flat-chested. This is my favorite post ever.

phd in yogurtry said...

nothing beats a soft dress with a stretchy bodice.