Thursday, November 05, 2009

November 5th ALREADY?

Or maybe I should say, it's only the 5th of November? I remember, I remember!

It should be later in the month; it should be earlier in the year. I wish it were Friday; I wish it were Thanksgiving.

I realized today that even though Christmas isn't my favorite holiday, it does shine like a beacon to which I look forward every year; it's a little bit of a let down once it's over. Shiny, shiny Christmas.

Hazel is helping me think of what I should tell you next:

Our bunny? Check
Loads of stuff we got for Halloween? Check
How she's not in bed yet even though it's 7:49? NO, NOT THAT!
How about our pediatrician visit? Check

Work is super-worky right now, so instead of dredging my feeble brain for boring topics, I think I'll go tuck some people into bed and then veg out. Ciao.


peevish said...

I always remember Guy Fawkes night because of reading my Thomas Hardy in high school. Funny how that stuff sticks with you, isn't is?

phd in yogurtry said...

Super worky. : ) I like that. And even though I tend to dread the hustle bustle stress credit card stretch of Christmas, I do dread the taking down of the sparkly lights more.