Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've been in a conference room all day, sitting down and pushing the "next" key for hours on end. My brain needs candy.

Here's what trusty Google Reader is serving up - you can follow along at home!
  • The Waffle is splitting and it makes me so very sad. Sh, don't tell her how much I"m hoping it's only temporary.
  • Badger came to my house and took pictures! OK, not really, but she could have - I just scooped my rotten, fly-filled fruit into the trash last night.
  • Miss Doxie is back! Again! This time, she wrote two posts in a year! I missed Miss Doxie
Did read that whole Kitteh post? I did, and now my brain is full. Or empty, I really can't tell the difference. No more candy tonight, brain.

1 comment:

Krispy said...

you just made my day with the doxie news. I'd given up (a little.)

aren't you composting that fly-filled fruit?