Tuesday, December 29, 2009

things I no longer buy (after having children)

Update: Actually, Predate:

I wrote this a year ago today, trying out iBlogger from my iPhone. It didn't post, and I forgot about it - until NOW.

1) tissues - the kids use them to stuff too-large shoes, dolls, whatever. They are now a waste of money
2) liquid soap for their bathroom
3) cable / satellite tv
4) make-up, perfume, nice shampoo
5) markers

But I'll add to it, now it's here:

6) Junk food, soda, most prepared foods
7) furniture
8) Anything nice, really

What about you? 'Fess up.


phd in yogurtry said...

I definitely said goodbye to the nice shampoo, hello to Suave. And the good roller ball gel pens because pens and pencils disappear like smoke.

peevish said...

Turnip's favorite things in the universe are tissues. Especially used ones. Must have trash cans with lids. SECURE lids.

Agent X said...

Nice shampoo for sure. Hello Pantene. Soda except LaCroix. Furniture, full service car washes, car vanity at ALL...

Allison said...

Hmmm . . . popping in from Say la Vee. Well, here goes. Books. Lovely, hard cover books. No time to read them, and when I find time I'm too pooped. Wine. Nice red wine. By the time I grab a glass I am too tired to enjoy it. LOL Nice undies. What's the point? No time for anyone to enjoy them. HA!