Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day, No Way

*Tap* *Tap* Is this thing still on?

So, it snowed today. If you live in Austin (or anywhere in Texas), you know this already. If you live in Colorado, you're probably not impressed.

No matter - if you've ever lived in Austin, you know this is a pretty rare event. We knew it was coming, so the girls went to school suited up and ready to party. I went to work. Once it started, my friend and I went down to check it out.


It was hard to see, even if I stuck my head in it.


Even on her dark clothing.


So we went to the back entrance.


A little better. Back to work. I took a few more pictures from my desk, playing with the Camerabag app on my iPhone.




During a quick break, I ran home to get lunch. It was much better there.

Texas Cactus

Well, maybe the cactus didn't think so.




Back to work - it snowed throughout the day, and with big, fluffy flakes.



It was lovely to watch, especially on a stressful day.


Vetmommy said...

It was an amazing, beautiful snow storm, but so darn difficult to capture in images!

peevish said...

Is any of it still there?
I could ship you some.

mr man said...

It is especially lovely to watch. Looking outside is like looking into a snowglobe. So floaty.
The character changes, however, when you get in your car to drive home to ferocious demon meteors doing all they can to impede your progress to be with those you love and miss.

I'm glad you were able to see some of the magic we all too often take for granted up here; especially getting to shovel it so the local authorities don't ticket us when nosy neighbors tattle about our sloth.