Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mizz Fixit

Things I have repaired while Jesse has been gone:

  1. The internet. My 2Wire router/modem went out on Sunday, so I purchased a new modem, wrangled it into cooperating with the Airport Base Station, and now have wi-fi waves coursing through my home again.
  2. The dogs' collars. Long story, but essentially neither was working with our wireless (yes, more EMF) invisible fence. Today, one dog's is working, and one (cough *MOKI* cough) isn't quite strong enough. I'm still working on this one - but improvements have been seen.
  3. Hazel's glasses. The dogs well and truly ate them, so new ones, with a new scrip, have been ordered. The best news? No more amblyopia!
  4. Jesse's car. As is the new tradition, whilst he is out of the country his car goes in the shop. $1000 later we have a new radiator, new plates, new bulbs (thanks, Brian!) and no scary "Check Engine" light. It probably does still smell like gas, though.
Is that it? I think so - but it seemed like more. This last week has passed so very slowly, and I'm sick at the thought that next week - Spring Break! - will fly by.


phd in yogurtry said...

Dang, you've been busy! As if manning the fort on your own isn't busy enough. And hooray for the best fix of all - no more amblyopia! Can't wait to see the new glasses.

Krispy said...

Look at you1 I'm sure there was something else in there you fixed too. Certainly a kite or two? Enjoy the drive in the rain.