Saturday, March 06, 2010

My Own Mixed Up Files

~Edited to add photos of doughnut enjoyment!

I'm a solo parent this month, as Jesse accompanies his students on their annual trip to Italy. I find that by being 100% responsible, it actually goes more smoothly then otherwise - just because I know there's no one else to pitch in & help me out. I plan better, I wake up earlier, I make different decisions, because it's just me. Don't get me wrong - this starts to wear soon, so please read consider as read the traditional homage to single parents and the relief I feel at his return.

We've had a good week, getting to school and work on time, eating dinners together, and getting to bed at 7:30 (them; I stayed up as late as 9:30!). One night I made pan-seared, oven-roasted pork center cut chops, and the girls, upon seeing them, exclaimed, " Chops!" I guess we haven't had those lately. That same night they refused to eat the sweet potato oven fries, which were so sweet and caramelized they stuck in my teeth - in an excellent way. More for me.

Yesterday I picked them and our neighbors up from school, and we all went to Changos for dinner, and then on to Gourdough's for dessert. If you live in Austin and haven't been there yet - GO. Unless you're diabetic, in which case, DON'T GO.

These doughnuts are huge, made-to-order, and covered in the delicious goopy topping of your choice. The girls ordered cinnamon and sugar - the only traditional choice - and Razzle Dazzle, which has raspberry filling and Fudge Icing on top (we requested grilled strawberries, too), a Mama Cake, with Yellow Cake Batter Filling with Fudge Icing, and The Black Out - Brownie Batter, Fudge Icing, and Chocolate Covered Brownie Bites.

Are you in a coma yet? Then they all trundled over to our house for an impromptu sleepover, where we argued over movie choices until I finally made an executive decision and we watched From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Two of the girls had read it and loved it, and two (mine) had not and were resistant. I offered to turn it off half-way through, and was roundly chastised. So - they liked it.

Today we'll go to Explore UT! , billed as "The Biggest Open House in Texas." Last time we went we got to touch cows' hearts, lungs & brains, see Little Red Riding Hood on trial, and make ice cream - they had a blast.

It should be a beautiful spring day here in Austin, TX - I'm off to enjoy it.

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peevish said...

I don't think there is any way I would survive a trip to Gourdough's. I'm half dead just reading about it.

I DO wish we could go to Explore UT, though. Have fun!