Friday, April 09, 2010


I don't know about where you live, but here in Central Texas, it's full-out spring. Not a typical spring, either, where we get one week of balmy temps before we start hitting 80s and 90s each day - no, this year we're having an actual spring. The wildflowers are having a banner year, the nights are still chilly enough for warm blankets, and the days are breezy and temperate.

I've captured a few images of my personal signs of spring, so that once the nights don't dip below 85 F I have something to look back - and forward - to.

Blue Heron at MIL's lakehouse last month.

Hannah getting ready to go boating. The water was too cool for fun, but the sun was out in full force for a few hours, before a spring cold front & thunderstorm moved through.
Swimsuits & sunblock

Hannah is currently gone, on her first school overnight trip (two nights, actually), so here's another one of her sweet face.

One of the bonus results of installing a new invisible fence for the dogs last month is that they no longer have access to the front yard, so my flower beds there are no longer getting trampled daily. I've cleaned them out, replanted them, and mulched them, so they're doing really well.

Blackfoot Daisy - I love these guys. I'm a sucker for a daisy.
Blackfoot Daisy

Copper Canyon Daisy - see?
Copper Canyon Daisy

I put in some poppy plants, hoping they will reseed in future years.

But I also threw some seeds out last fall, too good effect.


This is Hazel's Lobelia, which she has christened "Lilly."

I love this lavender flower.

Several bluebonnets sprung up in the yard from years past - true signs of a Texas spring.

We planted Coral Honeysuckle behind the garden swing in the backyard, too.
Coral Honeysuckle

I can't wait until the hummingbirds discover it.
Coral Honeysuckle

About a million of these hatched overnight last week - it's a Crane Fly, although some call them Mosquito Hawks.
Crane Fly

My Thryalis froze back completely this winter, and I cut it down to the roots - I'm so happy to see it coming back.

More new growth - on the Coral Honeysuckle again.
Coral Honeysuckle

I'm off today, after a quick hour in the office, to drive into the hill country and retrieve Hannah and four of her classmates. I can't wait to hear about her adventures!


Lisa said...

Pretty flowers, and lovely Hannah. I hope she had a great time!

yogurt said...

Those deep red poppies are gorgeous! Wish I could see those from my front yard :)