Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Chronicles

You guys are so kind.

Our adventures continue. We arrived in NoVa Sunday afternoon, and were welcomed warmly.


It was 102 F outside, which is totally unfair because we left Texas in part to escape the heat. Luckly, a brief rainstorm cooled things down enough, and we could sit outside with cocktails like civilized people.

Look - a picture of me I don't hate. I think Hannah took it.


My grandparents' back yard is scenic, abundant with greenery and flowers, and home to countless birds, squirrels, chipmunks & rabbits. I could sit out there all day, and have done so as much as possible.


Yesterday Jesse & my grandfather took the girls to the Air & Space Museum - the new, airplane-focused one near Dulles. He's been taking me to the one downtown every visit for my whole life, so I felt ok sitting yesterday's trip out, and stayed home with my grandmother. The girls had a good time though.


Today we slept in, and lounged around the house all morning, despite having plans to visit Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. I sat outside on the patio, watched the birds squabble over the various feeders, and enjoyed life. We did eventually motivate ourselves to head out around lunchtime, and made our way to the stately grounds.

Hannah nearly knocked me over in this picture, although it looks like we're leaning to make room for the house. We're not; I'm struggling to stay upright.


A kind stranger offered to take one of all of us, whic he did quite well, not even stealing our camera.

Thanks, stranger! This will be our go-to family photo for the next year or so whenever the school asks for one - score!

Tomorrow we catch the train for NYC for the next three days. The girls are as excited about the train ride as they are about the city itself. The last time we rode those rails, Hannah was just 4 months old, and she's been lording it over Hazel ever since.

Here's one final image from today's sites - it's from the slave burial ground at Mount Vernon. You can click on it or any picture to get into my Flickr page and see more photos.



Krispy said...

Another lovely post! So glad to see your trip. And GREAT family photo! Your gram's backyard reminds me of my mom's, but greener.

yogurt said...

Hey, mind if we follow your vacation lead? DC and then NYC (with So Jersey in between, where you whizzed on by in your train).

Your grandparents yard looks so inviting. And yes, my sister told me it's been really hot up there. Strange for it to be so hot, so early. Hope it cools off before our trip.

And yes, that's a great family picture. Good of all of you.

Lisa said...

Wonderful recap. I really like that photo of Hannah leaning into you. She has a little grin that says it all. Your hair looks great, too!

Also, nice squirrel photo.

Are you going to eat at Lucky Chang's in NYC? Or is it Cheng's?