Saturday, June 26, 2010

Road Trip - 2010 style

A cross-country road-trip seems like a good occasion to resuscitate this poor site, doesn't it? We're headed east to visit my grandparents in Northern Virginia, and spend a few days in NYC while we're out there. We're driving out via Louisiana,

(only Hannah would pose)


(the girls would only pose near the garbage bin)



and South Carolina.


More states tomorrow...

Jesse scouted out some interesting stops on the way, which is how we found ourselves at the Museum of Coca-Cola in Vicksburg, MS.


We went through pretty quickly, but I took pictures for a friend who LOVES all things Coca-Cola (she won't even let me say "Coke").


While Coke (ha!) was invented in Atlanta, it was first bottled in Vicksburg - hence the museum. It was cute and a nice diversion after a day on the road.

Back in the car, we headed to Jackson, state capital of Mississippi. After walking through the abandoned downtown streets for half an hour, we found the brewpub we'd been looking for and finally got to eat excellent seafood gumbo, and fried oysters on a spinach salad. The girls refused everything but salad, until they tasted the gumbo and immediately wanted their own, and ate most of my oysters. After Jesse told us about the urinals here, we made him go back in for a picture.


On the walk home we stopped at the old state capitol, where Hazel refused to pose, again. Let's not talk of Hazel on Day 1.

Old Mississippi State Capitol

Today we headed out of Mississippi, and into Alabama, home of a giant statue of Vulcan. Who knew? Did you know? Because I had no idea. I associate B'ham with race riots and MLK, but apparently it was all about iron - and pig iron at that - before the depression and after WWII.

Wall of Iron Stuff

There is an excellent park and small museum located on the hill where Vulcan towers over the city, and while Jesse and the girls rode the elevator to the top, I made a picnic lunch in the shady park below.

Jesse got a nice shot of Vulcan's ass, though - check it:

Vulcan's Rear

Tonight we're in Greenville, SC. People, if you are ever within 150 miles of Greenville, go to The Lazy Goat. We had excellent Mediterranean-style mezes and tapas here, a perfect Negroni, and solid service. We ate just up on this terrace -


and didn't even realize there were children cavorting below us. Afterward, we got ice cream for the girls and walked along the river in balmy 80 F weather - heaven.


We'll arrive at my grandparents' tomorrow - we can't wait to see them, it's been too long.

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Anonymous said...

Hey look at you guys being all relaxy. I am totally jealous of Jesse's experience of the motorcycle urinal and Vulcan's ass. Do they have little statuettes you can take with you?

Sinda said...

They do! No one wanted one but me, though, and I didn't want it that bad. :)

peevish said...

I really like the blue-tinted photos, have you put them on flickr?

Keep enjoying the trip, ya'll!

Sinda said...

Thanks, Lisa. They were taken with Hipstamatic, the photo app that keeps on giving.

I put them all on Flickr and just embedded the HTML - easiest and fastest way to get pix on fucking blogger.

Badger said...

Woo! Sounds (and looks) like fun! I love Vicksburg; it's my favorite place to cross the Mississippi. Love Alabama, too. If you ever get down Mobile way, check out the tiny town of Fairhope on the east side of the bay. My BIL and SIL live there and it is the cutest little town ever w/fun shopping and pretty parks. (Eat breakfast at Julwin's!)

Lisa said...

Love the blog! Great pictures. Besides the urinal and Vulcan ass I love the one where Hazel refused to pose and Jesse is reaching out for her while Hannah hangs on. Miss ya'll in the hood. Travel safe.

Krispy said...

Woo-whoo! road trip! So glad to see your progress. Sadly though, it meant that you missed the carrot cake. J was eagerly trying to get the appropriate number of candles for the cake, but we just don't own that many...

peevish said...

I have Hipstamatic but I find I don't use it as much as camera bag. I need to dig it out more.

Anonymous said...

Looks like an interesting road trip! I'm pretty sure your dogs are cheating on you (and not just with Dawn!)
-Fan of Vulcan

Red Door Neighbor said...

looks like you guys are doing it right! Dogs ok, TV ok.
Red Door Neighbor

Sinda said...

Badger! I love your new avatar - it is very like. I may drive north and ask your daughter to give me a bad-ass haircut too...and now I wish we were going the Mobile way, yum.

Lisa! That Hazel has been feeling her oats on this trip. I may send her your way when we're home and you can have her for awhile. Thanks for watching the critters for us!

Kris - carrot cake? You're killing me. You realize you have to have your birthday ALL OVER AGAIN when we get home, don't you? Get ready.

Anon #2 - our dogs have an open relationship - just keep throwing the ball for them, and they're yours forever.

Red Door! Love your new handle. I'm so glad you are keeping the TV safe; that was worrying me. Hazel says thanks for the chocolate.

Vetmommy said...

Finally getting around to reading blogs today... That looks like an awesome road trip! BTW the carrot cake was fabulous, and ya'll were definitely missed!

yogurt said...

I am impressed with your on-the-road bloggery. I can barely get a post together and I'm sitting on my butt at home. Have a great remainder of your trip. I want to hear your NYC suggestions, advice, warnings.