Saturday, September 11, 2010


I think one of the reasons I haven't been here very frequently is that everything in my life is going so well. To say so smacks of hubris, and invites reprisal from the universe, but I'll take the risk and say it again - my life is great.

The girls are so glad to be back at school, and have a great schedule already - they wake up by 6:15, get dressed and help with their lunches and then leave by 6:45 to walk down the street, where our amazing neighbors feed them a huge breakfast and take them to school every day. They could come home as early as 4:00 most afternoons, courtesy of the same neighbor, but usually choose to stay later because they love their after-school program so much.

Hannah is in choir again this year, and still taking violin. She resents the demands on her time these pursuits entail, but she loves the performance of each so much. Hazel dropped the violin this year in favor of a return to the piano, and has been at the keyboard every day. When I ask Hannah how she likes her new class, a huge smile breaks out over her face - it's a beautiful sight.

Jesse has had a smooth start to his school year too. He's playing tennis as often as he can, swimming a couple of mornings every week, running, and now taking a boot camp at the YMCA as well. He looks great and feels great. Oh, and he's taking dancing lessons so he can spin with the best of them at the Broken Spoke!

I've started taking tennis lessons, so I can eventually play with Jesse (hopefully - he's really good). I'm still going to boot camp, these days at 5:30 two mornings a week, then running the other mornings. Lately I've found myself heading out for a second round of exercise in the evenings. I'm working on adding in biking next - I'm going to the veloway this weekend, and on Monday plan to go for a ride while Hannah is at choir. My work continues to have enough new projects to keep me interested and busy, but still allows for a perfect work/life balance. Oh, and I'm enjoying those nights at the Spoke as well!

The net result of all of this activity is happiness. The girls are happy, Jesse and I are happy, we're all in a really good place these days. Boring, right?

I'll take it.

UPDATED: At Kristina's request. Don't be alarmed if she bursts into uncontrollable laughter.


peevish said...

I LOVE boring. Plus, you look gorgeous.


yogurt said...

Nothing boring about happiness! Yay you!

Krispy said...

Yes. Boring is good. Let's hear it for boring for the next 20 years.

(Should have posted your makeover pic!)

blackbird said...