Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day After Day

I was just thinking about the difference in quality of those nights when you don't have to work the next day, and those nights when you do. Somehow, your subconscious always seems to know that you have to get up early the next day, even if you aren't actively thinking about it. I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 last night, yet did so feeling like I had all the time in the world. Tonight it's a completely different feeling, and it's only 7:00.

I had a great day, though. We've been taking care of our neighbors' pets over the holiday, and they let Jesse's mom stay at their house while she was here. I went over early this morning to let the dogs out and make their bed, and was there when they came home, hours earlier than expected. I'd actually dreamed that they got home early, so it was a little eerie when they drove up. The girls had missed their daughter something fierce, and the three of them were inseparable for the remainder of the day.

The rest of my morning was spent running errands - I made it to Target before they opened - and putting away laundry, so that by 11:00 I was free to set off on my bike ride. I'd decided that instead of driving to the Veloway to ride 5X around (it's a 5K track), I'd actually bike there and ride around once. The route I chose included an off-road track that leads to the back side of the Veloway, and I wasn't sure if my road bike would be able to tackle it or not - turns out, not.

I could ride on portions of it, but hopped off and walked for the really bumpy bits - I didn't want to mess up my bike. The surprising part was that I realized that mountain biking would actually be fun - I'd always thought I wouldn't enjoy it at all. Riding and walking through those trails today reminded me of when I was a kid growing up in Arkansas, and I'd head off into the woods and spend the entire day there. Even though I know that other people use the trails, I had a real feeling of solitude and peace out there that I don't feel on streets, and I loved the little bit of riding I did on the trails. So - next stop, MTB. In total I rode 20 miles today, a personal best, and it was a total blast. I went around the track twice, and rode a different, longer route home to add on the miles.

I spent the afternoon catching up with friends and neighbors, and putting away yet more laundry, while Jesse ran, watched tennis and football (at the same time!), and made dinner. A great day, as productive as it needed to be, and completely different from yesterday, when I lounged around on the couch for hour upon hour. I feel pretty lucky to have had them both.


blackbird said...

I admire the productive you AND the lounging you!

Agent X said...

I like having a bike that can do both. Only did 10 miles today. I left the black CM bag and wine stopper on your counter. Did you get them?

Lisa said...

Michael has a mountain bike and gets flats all the time. I have a hybrid cruiser and get slow leaks but never flats. Knock wood. I really prefer riding upright, not leaned over. Then again, I'm not interested in winning a race, I just enjoy the view.

Twenty miles? Wow.