Thursday, November 04, 2010

Every day?

I had every intention to spend November as I usually do - posting every day until around thanksgiving, and then dropping out of site until the first of December. Then I made it all the way to November 2nd and dropped the ball. And wait, look over there! Is it November 4th already? Jeez. I guess that means the pressure is off, and I can just enjoy November they way I used to before Eden dreamed up the insanity that is NaBloPoMo . Love you, Fussy!

Linky Love

I've seen some good stuff out there on the interwebs lately, which you also might want to see.

This political video is so great, I could watch it again and again - and I have a VERY short attention span for videos. I think the robo-voice makes it all the better.

What has Obama done lately? Turns out, lots. I'm not surprised.

Who knew Don Draper said "What?" so often? Wait, you did? Well, good for you, you were paying attention.

I usually say Damn You iPhone, but same thing really.

Even though I don't drink the coffee anymore, it's so cool to see inside my little Moka.

OK, that's it for today - I'll leave you to ponder the question, "When the hell will she be back?"