Monday, March 21, 2011

Once more into the fray

While I don't intend for this to turn into some kind of crazy exercising blog, I do have a follow up entry to the last one before I consider moving back into my regularly unscheduled topics.

Truth is, I don't really consider myself an athlete. However, I'd certainly make use of the adjective form of the word, something I'd never have considered less than a year ago. Athletic. Athlete-ish, if you know what I mean. One who occasionally Athls. Oh no wait, that's the noun again.

Some of you (who have yet to comment here, but with whom I've had conversations) think athletes are people who play professional football or baseball or basketball. Tennis and golf players DO NOT COUNT, according to these people.

Others think that participation in competitive sports is what sets athletes apart from the rest of us, regardless of the type of sport.

I think my own definition has to do with effort - people who participate in their sport full-on, balls-out, without holding back - those are who I think of as athletes. And by that definition, I am definitely NOT one - I'm more of a slow & steady person, rather than a full-tilt give-it-all-you-have one. Hence my preference for nice, 11 minute miles as opposed to heart- and pace-improving sprints when I run, and the joys of downhill flying on my bike rather than uphill slogs.

That said, it is true to say that less than a year ago I'd never have imagined I'd be running or biking or even swimming at any pace, much less giving consideration as to whether or not I was an athlete. It hasn't yet been a year since I signed up for my first boot camp class, thinking I simply had to start moving more than I was naturally inclined to without someone forcing the issue. Given that, who knows what changes the next year will work on me and my preconceptions? Any guesses?


Lisa said...

I'll admit, I was a little worried after I read your last post. I reserved judgement because I'm not there and haven't seen you in a long time. The word that kept popping into my head was "jock", and all the negative implications therein. This post sounds more like you. Well, the you I know, anyway. You're still in there!

Getting in shape feels great. Speaking as someone who has gotten out of and back into shape several times, I know how exhilarating it can be. I remember really enjoying working the stair-master in Gregory gym many years ago (before it was air-conditioned). It was actually fun! I remember gymnastics classes when I was a kid, pushing through the pain of huge bruises and weeping blisters to master a new skill. Learning the value of perseverance was so important to me. I think I only realized it much later.

As far as the "athlete" thing, I don't like labels. They are so limiting, even when they feel like a compliment. I say keep doing what makes you happy and don't get hung up on semantics.

Sinda said...

Lisa - believe you me, NO ONE, myself first & foremost, would ever call me a jock. It's just not on, so don't worry.

How is your new regime going? I don't know if I could ever get into a stair-master - I remember when Patti & Diane would go to DKR stadium and run the stairs multiple times - it sounded like torture then and it still does. Stairs are for walking...

Have you bought your ticket yet??

peevish said...

Re: stairs. The music pounding through my earphones helped A LOT. I don't know that I could run stairs. That would involve running.

Re: my new regime: It's going great. I'm getting stronger, building muscles. The slimming is happening, though very slowly. I've only lost about five pounds, but I can tell my clothes are fitting differently. I keep telling myself patience is a virtue. And my endurance is definitely improving.

Re: the ticket. No, I'm watching the fares trying to get a deal.

peevish said...

Oh, look! I managed to comment as two different people!