Sunday, May 08, 2011

Whole new me

I haven't posted in awhile because, while I need to get up my tri post,
I don't want Peevish to think I'm a jock, so I was waiting to post on a non-athletic topic first. Obviously, that's taken awhile. But y'all - I totally did a triathlon.

In an effort to create distance between me and my jockiness - jockularity? - I thought I'd tell you about another new interest of mine - cosmetics. Specifically, eye make-up, and more specifically, as in I am wearing it. I know, shocking.

I've never worn make-up, in all my soon-to-be forty years. I mean, lipstick maybe, or powder, and I did put on a face for my wedding. But in general...no.

I was happy with that choice, and I'm happy with my choice now.

I visited the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom's a few weeks ago, and had a terrific sales rep who finessed the my desire to have more going on with my eyes yet not look like a clown / hooker.

I think, anyway. I mean, right?


blackbird said...

Especially attractive when you smile!
I vote for a touch of lip gloss.


peevish said...

I agree with blackbird!

Jocks can wear make-up, too.

Clown hookers remind me of sixth street.

peevish said...

Look how long your hair is! Are you still eschewing shampoo, even with all the sweating?

Sinda said...

BB - thanks! I will say in my defence that I took these picture on my way to breakfast, so my lovely BB raspberry-blue lipstick had not yet been applied. It's a must for my thin lips, tho...

Lisa - the sweating definitely put the no poo routine in hiatus. I'm just not as regimented now - I may shampoo twice in one day, or once in three days, it just depends on what I've been up to. I'm missing it, though - I think nmy hair was healthier for it.

Krispy said...

still feeling sheepish for laughing every time someone said how nice you look...

you do look lovely. but you looked lovely before too.

i still need that liquid eyeliner lesson.

peevish said...


peevish said...

Is there a blog post coming soon about triathalons??

yogurt said...

Definitely going on! Congrats, again, on your tri-ath.

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