Sunday, March 30, 2014


So, yeah, we are moving to Australia.

That's pretty much what motivated me to dust off the keyboard and jot down some thoughts over here, although I'm still on the fence as to what extent I'll use it.  Do I want to go to Tumblr? Is the blog format still relevant and appealing?  Do I really care?

Jesse was offered a terrific position in the Sunshine Coast (in the state of Queensland, just north of Brisbane, on the northeast coast) in a lovely Montessori school, which came with enough inducements that we didn't really feel we could pass the opportunity up in all good conscience.  At 11 & 13, the girls are at the high end of good ages to do something like this, we think, and the experience of living in a new country can surely only be a good one.  Without a language barrier (well, much of one), and with a beautiful climate and a friendly population, Australia seems like the perfect expat spot for our crew.

If you Google image search the Sunshine Coast, you get gorgeous beach views and incredible sunrises over the ocean.  Look for Buderim, the ostensible location of the school, and you'll see the sub-tropical, lush hinterlands and famous Buderim Falls. Gorgeous, no?

At this stage, our house is under contract, one of our cars is sold, our belongings are pared down to fit in a 20' shipping container, our dogs have new homes, our kitty is in limbo, our kids are dreading leaving their friends, their home of 9 years, and the only school they've ever known, yet are also pretty excited, and Jesse has bid many sweet and tearful farewells to the students, parents and staff at school.  He starts his new job in mid-April, so he leaves in a few days to get there early, do some exploring, enjoy some much needed downtime, and get settled in before his first day.  The girls and I will stay here until school is out, visit family near and far, and meet him in San Diego to spend the summer before we all head to Oz together in August.  So, maybe we are in limbo as well.

It's strange to have this long, protracted goodbye - we've known since November - but also sort of comforting.  We've had plenty of time to plan and prepare, and to appreciate our favorite parts and people of Austin, but also to anticipate our new life and family adventure.

In the meantime, I'm full of gratitude and appreciation for the goodness and good people in my life, and looking forward to creating a good life in Australia with my beloved family.

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