Monday, March 03, 2014

C'est la vie (froid)

I just have a few minutes before my work day starts in earnest.  And by "starts," I mean when my non-stop series of conference calls begins.  I moved into a new position in September and I don't think I've ever been as busy and had as full a workload in my 19 year (!) career with this company.  I love it, and even the stressful days are worthwhile, but I do relish the few peaceful moments I get very much

It was spring here in Austin this weekend - we had a garage sale, we made bank, we took the rest of the stuff to Goodwill, we (ahem, Jesse and Smith) installed new Flor in the laundry room, we rearranged the remaining and new furniture, we cleaned, we enjoyed the beautiful weather by grilling and entertaining Smith and the boys (I like that sentence construction, so I won't change it), and we had all of our doors and windows open to enjoy the 80 degree weather. 

We also said goodbye to our sweet dogs, who went on to live with some incredibly kind new humans.

Then of course, as so often happens, one more (last?) cold front blew in, so we lit another fire, did laundry all day (once Jesse re-wired the dryer that somehow went defunct during either the move or when I put a feather comforter in it...), planned cold-weather meals, did some shopping, and then watched way too much TV.  This morning it dropped to 22 at our house with an even colder wind chill, the heater can't keep up without going into Aux/toaster mode, and we all are wearing our coziest clothes that we'd hoped to put behind us soon.  So it goes - we make the best of what we have, right?

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