Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Forty Six

I've created a count-down calendar for our remaining days in this house.  I've noted school events, swim practices and meets, track practices, choir rehearsals and performances, camping trips, anniversaries, birthdays, trips to the dentist, and one spa day (Saturday, squee!).

I've always been restored by time spent at home, and I'm spending as much time as possible here now in an effort to store up enough energy to face the coming months of transition.  The house is at its most lovely, as is the outdoors, and I could sit for hours at the dining room table looking out at the back yard and watching all of the creatures who congregate there - goldfinches, cardinals, bluejays, red-winged blackbirds, woodpeckers, tufted titmice, black-capped chickadees, squirrels, rabbits, road runners, and this guy (gal?).

The cat, who catches and dispatches a critter a day, blithely ignored it and instead played with a hair band a few feet away all afternoon while the tarantula sunbathed on the patio.

That cat was slated for a new home but I may not be able to part from her. I'm on the kitty fence.

Hazel's class has been hiking once a week in the greenbelt - a new routine I love, as it gets them outdoors for most of the day and they get to move in nature, my favorite combo - but last week she ran afoul of something bad.  At first, we thought her rash was caused by an off-path bio-break, and she was prescribed a steroid cream for it.  However, it got angrier and spread quickly over the weekend, and when we returned to the doctor on Monday, a food allergy was postulated.  Poor Hazel is now on a heavy round of prednisone, and has a trip to the allergist on the books tomorrow.  Here's hoping it's an anomaly and that she can resume eating berries ASAP.  Poor swollen, itchy sweet girl.

Jesse is finally getting over the time change, although he did bemoan the fact that when he left Austin, the days were finally beginning to lengthen, and now that he's moved to autumn they are getting noticeably shorter each day.  I think the girls and I will have the best of it - spring in Austin, summer in San Diego, and then spring in the Sunshine Coast.  In the meantime, he has been working hard, even through the 4-day break for Easter, and then tackled THIS challenge (so far, so good).

Hannah is away this week at the coast camping, boating, and trying to avoid mosquitoes.  Before she left, she had a quick overnight at a friend's ranch house, and she and her friends found some great props for their ubiquitous selfies.  I have everyone's' i-devices connected to one photo stream, so we can all see the pictures any of us take.  There were MANY pictures of the girls on this old truck, but my favorite was this capture of their hands (showcasing their bracelets, and possibly flashing gang signs?) in front of the Hill Country landscape.

Peace out, ya'll.

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